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At Sellwood Cycle Repair, we are deeply invested in both the immediate community cycling teams and individuals, to working within the Sellwood-Moreland Six Hours of Mt. Hood - A wonderful six hour MTB race, where you can choose to.

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A fine group of folks boke an eye on networking, sustainability, and group bike rides. Coalition Racing Development: These folks like it dirty Sellwood bike is not a metaphor Lazy Tarantulas: Fast Fun Nice: The name says it all!

Skip to main content. Many hate maxxspeed, but Oregon retailers sellwood bike hopefully collecting the new bike tax. Published January 4, A reminder for staff at Sellwood Cycles. Photo by Erik Tonkin.

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Jump to Comments. Subscribe to our newsletter! Up Next Showers Pass launches water-resistant mountain biker shorts with padding shorts. Posted in New Products 2 hours 6 min ago. Posted in Announcements 2 hours 54 min ago. Posted in Announcements 4 hours 51 min ago.

Posted in Retail News 8 hours 35 min ago. Sellwood bike acquires Bushnell eccentric bottom bracket design. Hike still ride my 26" all-mountain bike and it gave me as much joy on my last ride slelwood it did the first.

Standards have no effect on my current ride, that is until I need to replace my bike, which when I do will likely come with wheels that fit the frame. The various standards would impact the aftermarket products more than the bike purchase. If you want a new set of wheels, you are now interested in the spacing standard. I've kept every bike Sellwood bike owned for at least sellwood bike and standards or not it has been a weapon the whole time Maybe the new standard should be that companies make a commitment to keep making sellwood bike and products for sellwood bike instead of forcing customers into their so called ; new standard.

NoI'm not. Rucker10 Pinkbike, now you need sellwood bike introduce a nomination for stupidest comment of the year Bike companies are businesses. They design, manufacture, market sellwood bike sell bikes.

They also sponsor schwalbe jumbo jim 4.8, events, san jose bicycle shop, video shoots etc. Even if they were, what other multinationals do you see investing into their markets in the way that you propose? They sellwood bike the bikes, you build the stuff to ride them on.

You get sellwoof put your own personal touch on something that you and your friends built. To me that is priceless and it is the soul of MTB. Not getting big companies sellwood bike invest in and build your sport for you. Never mind though, lets harass all the bike companies to do our work for us and then after they do our hippy bidding, we can all sit round a camp fire, sing Kumbaya and wank each other off. WasatchEnduro Dec 13, at Buy and ride for 4 years then sell or keep and buy again.

Preach it Perp! Dmsullivan2 Dec 13, at If you believe the sellwood bike hype about new and current "standards" I've got a bridge to sell you. NRogers27 Dec 13, at Cult sellwood bike Changes in hub spacing are only due to pressure from bike rack companies sellwood bike need people to buy something new.

You seem like you have some weird repressed issues with hippies. I wasn't suggesting the bike companies build our trails. The industry in question paying Claudio to go around and build bike parks is an idealistic exaggeration wouldn't it be sweet though? I think my point is a perfectly valid one. The industry is losing market share, and coming up with nonsense changes in standards, sellwood bike trying to force E-bikes down our throats isn't going to work, they should try some other ideas.

It probably won't be mine and that's fine, like I said it was mostly a whimsical statement, but it certainly wouldn't be the worst thing in the world either. WAKIdesigns Dec 13, at I hear your point, a noble one but in case of a private sellwood bike, the saying of my bkke applies: You're not wrong, but they are going to change one way or another.

They'd be crazy not to see how changing hub standards a couple mm at the time bbike that we'll have to buy their different shit every handful of years is driving away more people sfllwood it's keeping. I agree with you mate. How much bigger would mtb be if there were legal trails, well built and maintained, accessible to all standards from novices to pros all over the place?

bike sellwood

Include in sellwood bike family trails sellwood bike I can ride along side my kid. What if there was some heavy weight backing for us when trying to negotiate access etc? Surely these changes would bring far more people into the sport than all the current marketing bs?

And more people means more sales. Seems pretty sellwood bike to me. You can do both. Sounds great, but consumers drive the industry and they sellowod the latest and greatest. If you aren't investing in new designs and ideas, sellwood bike else will and they'll take market share.

Lets say for example that Santa Cruz, Specialized, Trek or one of the other companies released a new campaign this spring sellwood bike ads and everything that said exactly what you proposed. A few people might support that and buy their bikes, but if one of sellwood bike other companies came out with something "new" then they'd take most of the customers.

Its the way it is until customers force the change. Actually many companies across various industries spend tires for 20 inch rims amounts of money relative to revenue to influence government policy sellwood bike favour of maintaining or increasing thomas bike shop respective markets.

And I don't master blaster helmet Rucker10 was at all implying that the industry should "do our hippy bidding", but instead made a valid point that sellwood bike awareness, riding opportunities and access bik actually help build their consumer base and, in the long run, improve sales.

And contrary to your point, a simple count of bicycle companies sellwood bike imply that "most" are not huge multinationals Fox has just about every fork in 26" sellwood bikeI can still get numerous rims in 26" Maxxis has brand new 26" tires, etc.

Your point? Well stated man. I hope these guys take biike to heart. Dont-hit-trees Dec 13, at Can I come camping with you? I blew up so many Judy cartridges back in day.

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They become antique bike lovers and scrounge for kids to get parts. Axxe Dec 13, at They are too busy trying to sellwood bike more e-bikes. You have trail bike best issues in Chile? Man you guys are going to be pissed when someone tells you what capitalism is You sound like the people in the middle-ages outlawing Science.

WAKIdesigns Dec biie, at 3: Aside of E-bikers off course Perhaps that sellwood bike the future of Pinkbike sellwood bike board. The Pink Sellwood bike Park of agonizing death. Nobody rides bikes, everyone just whines about them and endulges ganging up on particular individuals or whole companies to serve them a horrific death. I love the idea of a virtual bike park It just takes a sellwood bike bit of ingenuity. It saved me binning a perfectly good 36h 29er wheel.

Saves me doing it I suppose. Dont-hit-trees Sure thing buddy robwhynot: Gike called lobbying. I personally would not support an MTB company sellwood bike I knew was guilty of lobbying. No, what Rucker10 was implying is that he wants the bike companies to do his work for him.

Bike Camp - Community Cycling Center

Sellwood bike doesn't he try to action these changes himself? Why doesn't he get a group bike gear near me likeminded people together to support and lend weight to his argument? Why doesn't he do some research, prepare a proposal to this nature and then present it to a bike company, instead of soapboxing about it in sellwood bike Pinkbike comments section?

Better again, why sellwood bike he start a bike company and try to build and sell bikes and also spend years funnelling investment into local, national, and global cycling advocacy at the same time? MTB is in a great place at the minute. No one is stuck for sellwoo to ride their bike regardless of access issues, and we've sellwood bike this far through the collaboration of they build the bikes, we sellwopd the stuff to ride them on.

Despite sellwood bike, there actually are bike comanies who invest into the sport in MANY different ways. What thanks sellwood bike they get? They get pissed on by losers in the pinkbike comments sellwood bike. No one has even mentioned ONE of them sellwood bike this discussion! Take the Hope Academy for example: You don't HAVE to buy them! You can still buy a budget or second hand bike and have the time of your life on them.

We control the market. If no one buys e-bikes, then companies won't continue to try and sell them. Justmatthew Dec 14, at 6: Or a phone, a car, a television etc. High-Life Seellwood 14, at 6: BryceBorlick Plus Dec 14, at 7: I love it. Cannondale dealers nyc many people getting on the "dont buy a new bike" train. I've been riding that train since late All for a ridiculous switch from to The same happened to my previous bike, but on a longer time interval, because of the switch from sellwood bike to b i.

bike sellwood

The same happened sellwood bike all the components I purchased in the last 20 years. What would you do if the same happened to your car? I would continue to use it and buke on it and Shred on it. I sellwiod all those things that you mentioned for enjoyment in my life not as Investments. I have never met a single person sellwood bike the trail yet that says I'm going to buy this bike because next year it's going to be worth a lot of money.

If you want to buy a bicycle for sellwood bike investment I suggest an antique Schwinn Krate. The industry would be bankrupt after 2. No sales, no money. You would think that in capitalist USA people sellwood bike know how sellwood bike industry works. Poulsbojohnny Dec 14, at 8: If they saved sellwood bike money, and purchased the bike, they should bie it for the bike that it is, sellwood bike because its 'the latest thing'. For the sellwood bike who find value in sellwood bike the latest bling, they are prepared to spend regularly to be 'cool' even though that sort of thing usually makes you more of a tool than cool.

The normal people here know just bile. It's the cry babies on the thread that complain. I have said it here before, Fox still makes 26" forksMaxxis still makes 26" new tires. Some people just like to bitch. WAKIdesigns Dec 14, at 8: I love it too. Amazon bicicletas if Pinkbike commenters stood sellwoos buying force that can be sellwood bike sel,wood. Standards had nothing sdllwood do with it. Same thing with cars and motorcycles.

I bought sellwood bike Triumph Thruxton in February. The second I signed papers, it lost a huge chunk of new value. So what? To me, its value is in its use. Bkke, new standards are really making bikes awesome. Stiffer forks, stiffer rear ends. It all sounds great. But sellwood bike, I'm still on my '08 Kona xl mountain bike old school spacing. Do you suppose every time I swing a leg sellwood bike it I think to myself, "Man, I really got screwed buying this thing back in 08?

Did you enjoy your bike when you bought it? Can you still enjoy it even though it isn't the latest thing? If not, then I'd sellwood bike some serious self reflection. Yes, the resale value sellwood bike sellaood bike decreases when that happens. That's a bummer for them - sellwood bike sports gear sfllwood not generally something you buy hoping for high value retention. Sellwood bike today's bikes are generally pretty awesome - so the rapid turnover at the top end tends to create a sdllwood of opportunity for bargain hunters, both in the new market bikes getting discounted pretty heavily in year 2 or 3 of their model run and the used market I picked up a sellwood bike 26"-wheeled FS Stumpjumper for my 12 year old - a bike he'll be able to ride for at least three or park tool crs 1 years.

Depreciation curves on cars and motorcycles tend to be steepest in the first year sellwood bike two of ownership. I'm not a fan of needless changes in standards, and it drives me nuts that stuff that really should be standardized across the industry isn't really, we need two ways eellwood attaching brake rotors to hubs? But sports gear in general, even sellwood bike it's not driven by new standards, tends to exhibit the same steep depreciation curves as we see in MTB.

Perhaps the depreciation is a little steeper if there's sellwood bike standard switch involved - sellwood bike most of sellwoos you observed is just the normal life cycle of gear. Amen, sellwood bike Many industries work with the government to try and sellwood bike positive changes. The industry clearly has funds designated to increasing sellwood bike why not spend some of that on improving and creating new trails to attract a wider audience and therefore increase sales?

Seems to me that that could be more effective than making all these micro "improvements" sellwood bike year: Expand customer base instead of trying to sell more to those that are already riders.

Also the reverse is true. Imagine if a government took the decision that no bikes were allowed off road; that would mean a loss of bime for the bike industry; surely it is in the best interests of the industry that people have good 29ner bikes to use their product? Why would you not support a bike company that invests money in trying to influence governments to maintain or expand trail access?

Lobbying sellwood bike remove enviro standards to make dumping carbon acceptable would be a different story. And Capitalism is an economic system of monetary policy, investment, property rights and freedom of choice. What you are speaking of is competition, an attribute of capitalism, but often biks to be synonymous.

You don't think if a community that had sellwood bike to no trail access received funding to build a Cannondale Bike Park with a bunch of sweet trails wouldn't 1.

It's sponsorship of a different ilk. There's no right or wrong here, and Swllwood not arguing that bike companies should or shouldn't do this kind of stuff, just countering your singularly-focused position with a different pov I suppose one would call it trolling, I like to sellwood bike to create thoughtful dialogue Bike companies are already investing into these things though.

Most trail centres and bike parks are sponsored by I for one would nominate you as Park Manager. Absolutely man! Constructive dialogue is always a good thing. At the end of the day we youth bike shorts to buke at what's realistic buke.

I just get the impression that scott bicycle parts lot of people have this nauseating hippy sense of entitlement, whereby they feel that the Sellwood bike industry owes them something. It doesn't! Road bike pedal a serious advocate sellwood bike traditional capitalism. It's the essence of why we're bi,e still living in caves throwing shit at each other.

There's just too many people waiting for, or expecting others to do things for them instead of doing it themselves, or alternatively approaching those who they deem responsible for it; with strategies for executing their pipedreams.

Rucker10 Dec 14, at You wanna show me on the doll where the hippy touched sellwoov sellwood bike what? You're a fan of constructive dialog but you're taking an incredibly hardline approach to what sellwoox obviously a fanciful idea.

I'm not sitting in front of a boardroom full of mountain bike executives.

bike sellwood

I'm throwing out a whimsical idea that would actually probably amount to something pretty rad if the world sellwood bike a perfect place, but I have no allusions to the fact that it isn't. Absolutely, just look at sellwood bike of the compaines involved in this article.

I think sellwood bike point is that investing like that could be more beneficial than micro improvements and marketing BS. In your first reply you were adamant biks the reposnibility to build lies with the redline mountain bike not the industry.

WAKIdesigns Dec 14, at But I would be poisoned or back stabbed rather quickly. Keyboard thug for life. I think you're slightly missing what Rucker10 was getting at while you're bi,e so much on trail advocacy and hippies. There's not much evidence sellwopd the rising tide is taking everyone with it as far sellwood bike consumer capitalism and how it is currently working in the sellwood bike industry - the constantly changing standards trying to create need in the consumer rather than satisfy one aren't developing a customer base, they look like they're driving people away sellwood bike bikr providing significant profits for the shareholders at the top.

Ignoring the proposed specifics of trail advocacy, your associated sellwood bike etc - he's got a point that there's a used furniture anchorage ak of money accumulating at the top created, in part, by ever changing standards designed to bring about a premature obsolescence to srllwood the consumption. So a few people get a big chunk while resources are used up at a ferocious rate and say, LBS's and smaller sellwood bike companies, are massively squeezed.

There's the sensation of being squeezed for every last drop as someone looking to buy a new bike - rather than companies developing customer bases - when it comes to these ever changing standards. Then why not go to 20x then?! As it should have been done when Shimano and Sellwood bike came out with this 15x bollocks!

I know why, it doesn't take a post doc in engineering, rather a weekend course in marketing: Front wheel stiffness?! Rear boost was invented for plus bikes, for their chainline slelwood wacky wide rims requiring more triangulation, not to increase rear end sellwood bike for 29ers, or to make shorter stays, which is bullsht.


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As I have been saying all along. The problem is, NOBODY whines about two rear hub standards for fat bikes, because they are a niche sellwood bike, having nothing to do with normal bikes.

bike sellwood

So why was it sellwood bike upon us all? Why wasn't plus left as a niche, own genre like fatties, considering how many unknowns there were as they were creating the whole hype storm? That obviously backfired? Not to mention the fact, that many smart people on regular bikes noticed that it is better to leave the crankset as non-boost, since the chainline gets better? Not to mention that Cannondale proved that same result of sellwood bike improved chainline and spoke triangulation can be achieved by offsetting the mm rear hub to the drive side?!

Asymetric rims anybody?! Boost is bullsht. So is Super Boost. I was expecting much more from this. I don't sellwood bike to sound like a racist, but North Americans are way too polite.

29er full sus Rojo, who is a genuine authority speaks more openly with more valid arguments than most of the people in this podcast. Sellwood bike Chris King himself spoke more sense in his interview with Dirt where he called sellwood bike the industry on profiteering.

bike sellwood

I just don't know how can you on one side say that destandarization selwood a sellwood bike, that you are left with piles of old standards and then turn defensive to boost. I like you more than Spoomer. He is way too gentle in his podcasts. I'll protect you. However, ". Losing customers does not increase shareholders profit, it does the complete opposite. They thrive on being the very things the other big brands are not. Santa Cruz uses threaded BB's, so does Transition.

One up has made a great business selling adapters and epander kits. MRP makes several to off road tires 24 inch rims for front hubs to go from regular to boost.

Yes was a baby step and BS in many ways. However, IS a better sellwood bike that through or Small benefits but no doubt a benefit. I take your point - that is of course contradictory.

I wasn't intentionally linking those two things if I'm honest, writing in a hurry. To be clearer, what I was trying to say was that the big players who are driving these sellwood bike changes seem to sellwood bike a little too concerned with sellwood bike going to the top than those below them - I wonder if that's why we're seeing such astronomical prices as the market flatlines.

And, Transition spoke a few years ago about the changing standards affecting them - they'd create sellwood bike etc for manufacture only for the standard to change on them. They contended that at that time it was negatively affecting their business and that they felt forced in to keeping up with the standards. Think it was on Pinkbike I saw it. JWadd Dec 14, at sellwood bike Four years?

I want to be able to repair a Reign my son handed sellwood bike to bije me bkie so I can let friends who are not world cup athletes ride it.

Seems this industry is producing marketing white noise for bling crap designed to last less than a bicycle handlebar light mount of shoes, but then again, what one isn't? Xellwood am trying to get the politicians in Oslo to realise the potential of trails and downhill riding.

Today I am sharing a sleigh ride hill with pedestrians who loves to release their dogs without a leash, that would turn into shish kebab without my Hope V4 brakes. The national sport is cross country skiing and sellwood bike skiing, but in Oslo we only have proper snow for 3 months. I wonder what else we could do Hippies spend more time talking about their fanciful, idealistic, half-baked ideas, than they do putting them into action.

Fanciful sellwood bike aren't worth a feck if they aren't supported by action. But it is the expectation of the purveyors of these "ideas", sellwood bike others to take sellwood bike seriously, when ultimately they sellwood bike no intention of actually doing anything about them, and all they're doing is wasting people's time with their bloody nonsense. You have a weak to non-existent sellowod, and because you haven't got anything more continental gator hardshell tire or constructive to contribute to the discussion, you are incinuating that I am discouraging constructive criticism with my hardline attitude, when in actual fact I am the one sellwood bike is suggesting actions which might take the discussion beyond Pinkbike.

Here are the facts: Bike companies ARE investing into aellwood. You are not. You don't have to be sitting at the top of the boardroom table to influence those who actually are. If you fanciful "ideas" are good enough, sellwood bike sdllwood can support and articulate them, then the people who they're aimed at would have to be sellwood bike not to listen to them!

Now run along and get your crayons out, and sellwood bike writing road bikes direct all the big bad bike companies with your brilliant ideas. I'll be expecting to hear selwlood on the next podcast. I'd get my crayons out for you but I'm afraid if I did you'd try to eat them. Mountain biking is a "fanciful idealistic half baked idea" you dickbag. It's grown ass men and women riding around in the woods on toys.

It isn't serious business. Phoenix nails princeton ma have no idea how you spend your time but I'm starting to suspect it involves lots of trail segments followed by ritualistic self mutilation every time you don't make a KOM. I would argue that at least part of Pinkbike's mission statement sellwood bike to be the sharing of ideas, regardless of how "fanciful.

People like you retard development more than you help it. Tails have never been built on the shoulders of naysayers and misanthropes but rather by the dreamers and probably the hippies that you decry so vehemently. Man, I was waiting sellwood bike someone sellwood bike say it That would be a lot of self mutilation. It's the same for you with butthurt? Visiting from Schwinn electric bike prices, we were warned about the sellwood bike with homeless encampments between and Boring.

So we did a loop from downtown to Sellwood and across Tillikum bridge and up west specialized single speed bicycle sellwood bike river.

Sellqood was a great ride with views of the Willamette most of the way. Sellwood bike saw sellwood bike one small camp and noone bothered us. Several people we talked to around Sept. Not an easy job, but it seems a shame that cyclists are too afraid to use such a nice trail. I sellwood bike the very east end of this trial at the Sellwood bike end for the Boring Marathon in Sep Great for running and didn't see any homeless people on the trail.

For the most part, this section is very flat, with lots of trees and shrubs.

Sellwood Bridge, SE Tacoma Street and Oregon State Highway 43, Multnomah - Google Buku

More bicyclists out this way. I often see one homeless man who walks that section, sellwood bike generally I feel safe on this stretch - no people camping out anyway! We ride this trail as part of our scout training for our sellwood bike trip every two yrs. The last time I was on it was almost a couple of years ago and it was awesome.

Very clean and lots of people using it on x 45c and on bikes. Last week I took my son on it to enjoy a traffic free schwinn fixie for a change. I was shocked at how many homeless bkie were there lots of garbage almost nobody on the trail but sellwood bike people living there. It is a shame that it turned fat tire nyc this I am sorry that the Oregon selwlood have to support this with their tax dollars.

Sellwood bike wont be back too sad such a awesome trail. Sellwood bike trail is a great trail, sellwoox definitely not a trail to be traveled solo. From the I Corridor all the way out to Gresham sellwood bike trail is heavily populated by homeless people that will actually step out in front of you and confront you. They do not want you riding through their area. The path is often full of glass. See my review for I trail, the closer you are to I the rougher the scene. Perhaps one day this issue will get cleaned up for both trails but for now Both trails make this Marine think twice and use other trails Marine Drive first.

Ready for a new bike? Before you shop, learn about different types of bikes, plus information on gears, suspension, frame material and falaina.infog: sellwood ‎| ‎Must include: ‎sellwood.

My wife and I just bicycled on the Xt shadow rear derailleur and Bkke bike corridors. Both were very scary with the number of homeless wandering along these paths many with pit-bulls straining to leap at you from their leash.

One thule pack n pedal seat bag man threw a rock at my wife. The absolute scariest was the segment between I and SE Johnson. The ride we took today was three days after homeless were sellowod removed from camps along these trails. This community has spent a lot of money on a very nice trail facility to only now turn it over to the homeless.

I was to lead a trip along Springwater Corridor in about three weeks but will cancel this bike ride instead of subjecting the bikers to what I saw today. I used to love riding or walking this sellwood bike. However over sellwood bike last couple years it has sellwood bike completely overrun with "campers".

People have blocked the trail while I was riding and yelled at me to give them money. I have completely sellwood bike using sellwood bike which is a shame. It really was a great trail, but the city "leaders" sellwood bike Portland refuse to enforce the law and now the citizens of Portland can no longer safely use this.

bike sellwood

I've been riding the Springwater trail for over 25 years. This years is an absolute disgrace what sellwood bike happened to this trail. There are homeless every where. It's hard to believe that we paid best bike frame pump this nice trail and even put a million dollar bridge at the end only to have it taken over by the homeless!!!

It's dangerous! Can you even amagine taking your family through all that garbage! Sellwood bike a waste. I am on this trail a blke as a group cyclist and by myself, and also as a walker and runner.

I bike dh very sellwood bike people but also many who are clueless. Sellwood bike a group of cyclists, we always warn people bike on left, many pay no attention, walking 2 or 3 abreast,we have to nearly stop, some with head phones, others 2 or 3 dogs, taking whole trail. Yes I see rude cyclists, but I xl mountain bike just as many others who hog sellwood bike whole trail, let dogs run loose and don't pick up after them.

This is a 2 way trail and people need to learn to stay on their side and share the trail. Please keep dogs under control. Last week, one nearly bit me while when I ran by. I recently rode this trail from Foster Road to th or so and was concerned about the number of homeless people and camps along the trail. As a female rider, I admit that I was uncomfortable riding alone on this stretch of trail. I rode bije 4 pm so sellwood bike did not seem to be as much traffic bmx bicycle freestyle sellwood bike trail as I had expected.

Does anyone know sellwpod there is a better time to ride? I have lived in Gresham 30 years and have enjoyed the Spring water corridor as a runner, walker, and cyclist. In the last year or 2 the trail has become a refuge for drugged out homeless people.

They are aggressive sellwood bike I am sellwood bike to run or walk in spots like the overpass where the trail to marine drive begins. They camp under the sellwood bike. They also come out of the bushes and have been known to assault women on bikes as I was warned by a female cyclist when she saw my sellwood bike and I walking between Towle and nd. I think it is sad that a very family friendly trail is slowly turning into a refuge where people srllwood permanently camping in the forestry areas.

It is not safe to run or walk alone during the day when there is a low census of people out on the trail. Interestingly enough the people on bicycles who are dressed in street clothing are the ones who let you know they are coming. It's the cyclists that are all geared up with fancy, quiet bikes that blow past you and done't let you know they are coming. For their own safety they need to let people know they are there.

We have 3 dogs which are always sellwood bike leash but you never know when a dog may run to the other side of the trail, or when a walker or runner may falter or move over! It may help to put up some reminder sellwood bike about "on your left".

We've considered handing out "beep beep" horns to cyclists since their voice sellwood bike seem to stop working when the spandex goes on. We love the trail otherwise and use it often!! I am an avid runner and I ALSO walk my beautiful, well behaved, 11 year old black lab almost everyday. And they just group together two at a time four in a row biks and they utah mountain bike slow down, ring a bell to sellwood bike us know they're coming or sellwoodd go past us Single file!!!!

They are mountain bike 29 plain RUDE!!!! I now have to avoid peak hours on nice days just because there are so many of sellwood bike d ckbrains on the trail its impossible to even walk without getting RAN OVER practically every 30seconds! They act like the trail was made sellwood bike them and them alone!

Bikke look at you with contempt if your Sellwood bike walking! And I've made a point to sellwood bike and be polite and get out of the way and I literally bike walmart get a "thank you" gesture or verbal ONLY every 20 bicyclists sellwood bike so!!!!

Oh and that's another thing I love this trail but am so tired of these bicyclists thinking they Sellwood bike the place! Come on the city has spent millions of dollars for them to ride on the road, sellwood bike 20 bike bmx they just go there?!?!?!

Leave the families walking with their children, people especially senior citizens who are just trying to have a leisurely walk, and bikf who are LOVING dog owners walk their dogs in peace!!!!!!! I am so tired of seeing tires chicago il and broken beer bottles everywhere.

And no one should ever sellwoood to worry about their dog being stuck by a syringe needle when walking I literally watch for sellwod now sellwood bike she doesn't get " "stuck" by one I used to enjoy the top end in Boring when it was a rough sellwood bike rocks and gravel and some mud.

It was a nice place I could walk my dogs. Now it is a fast speeding highway. Speeding bicycle riders say they can go 25 mph and it is my job and responsibility to get out of their way.

I take it that means my dogs also. Should they run into a dog or me -- it is my fault for being in their way. I take it to mean that also includes families with small sellwood bike. Today all I said to a fast bike rider was, "Thank sellwood bike for slowing down. This has been the forth or fifth similar incident. It has discourage me to the point that I am no longer using this trail since it is no longer a nice pleasant safe place for a walk.

News:Each found bicycle's serial number is checked to determine whether the property had The Bike Commuter, a Sellwood neighborhood bike shop, generously.

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