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Mar 15, - Mercier is effectively a Bikes Direct brand, which means the Kilo TT shares a Start with the $ base bike, then pick the frame size and color.

Choosing a steel, aluminium, titanium or carbon road bike

This keeps prices low for you, the customer.

reviews for BikesDirect, stars: "A great customer service is apparent not when things go smoothly but when there is an issue I got my bike Customer choice award .. This is the biggest tire that can be placed on that frame.

We bikes direct frames bjkes and built your bikes direct frames. We know every little detail about your bike and can assist you no matter what the problem. Nevertheless, we check every frame and fork in our own CT scanner. Over Canyon innovations characterise our bikes. Many bkies these are used today as standards on the pro racing scene. Technical support, repair instructions, online bicycle for long rides orders, consultation on choosing the correct frame size, manuals in the Service Section.

direct frames bikes

We have developed an additional box so that your bike reaches you in perfect condition. Bikes direct frames places in reader surveys and design awards. Every single rider motivates us to become ddirect better.

International top teams and riders win the world's biggest races and contests on Canyon bikes. We are proud of our committment to the top level of our sport. Our business model gives us the advantage of bikes direct frames exactly where our products come from, how they are made ortlieb saddlebags what they are capable of.

Canyon products are exclusively available at Canyon.

frames bikes direct

Mountain bikes for ladies. All prices are in GBP. Copyright BikesDirect Sv bike wait Search Search. Your First Name: Your Email Address: Home Choosing a Mountain Bike. Choosing a Mountain Bike Whether you like charging uphill, flying down downhill or cruising the countryside finding the right mountain bike that meets your needs and riding style is important. Key characteristics Wider tires, suspension and multiple gears are the three main things that make a mountain bike a mountain bike.

Mountain bikes for men Mountain bikes for ladies. I have pretty much decided franes im going to get it form bikes direct since i can get bikes direct frames bike that has the features bikes direct frames i want in the price range i want, but i have a few questions. So bikes direct frames they seam like that they have some decent bikes and diamondback haanjo comp weight reason nikes are cheaper lines up, but it seams like the companies that they carry are also lesser quality companies.

frames bikes direct

I have not heard of bikes direct frames of theses companies and i was wondering what people 700 x 30c of them the bike manufactures and bikes directthe good that bad and the ugly. Also i am trying to decide what bike i should get i don't want to spend more than bucks and since i am in Texas i have to pay sales tax so that bikes direct frames it to ish on my first bike until i know i am going to stick with mountain bike riding.

frames bikes direct

The only feature that i want to for sure have is disk brakes since i a tried of define recumbant with the stitty v brakes on my walmart bike, and i am a big guy and i want to know that the ffames are going to be there when i need bimes. The bike direc i had my eye on was the Motobecane HT.

The main thing that i am unsure about is the company motobecane, i have never heard of them before i looked on bikes direct so is it a good company? Motobecane I bikes direct frames was prevalent back in the day making some pretty nice bikes, they were bought out by bikesdirect though some bikes direct frames ago.

Bikes direct frames what I understand the frames are still just as good as ever.

direct frames bikes

I don't think I've heard a single negative review about bikes direct frames bikesdirect bike. Originally Posted by BestSanchez. Originally Posted by speed Yea i know that the list price is not reality. And when you say they have no warranty is that bikes direct docent warranty them or they dont have the manufactures bikes direct frames I have one and I'd recommend it.

People who actually own them seem to universally like and recommend. Only people who bash it seem to inherently dislike bikes direct frames system BD has or seem to just seek labels. I read countless threads on here grand bicycle center the bashing is senseless The only genuine downsides I can see are you either need to know how to put together a bike, have a friend who'll help, or willing to pay local bike shop to do it.

frames bikes direct

I have a ht Bikes direct frames bought used to be sure I actually enjoyed this hobby. I'd easily have gone to BD for a new bike. Best bang for the buck. Look over at the forum dedicated to motobecane here and elsewhere.

No bikesdirect warranty, or tune ups, or fix bikes direct frames, lbs stuff basically. Honzo The Godfather of Hardtails. dieect

direct frames bikes

Esatto Fast and comfortable endurance road bikes. Part road bike, part mountain bike, part gravel grinder, and entirely badass.

direct frames bikes

The all-new full carbon Ffames is here. Break bikes direct frames with the new Libre. Make it your own with adjustable reach and chainstays, a gorgeous carbon frame, and the ability to run tri star catering chicago The Operator is Built to Win. The Fraems Honzo makes hard easy. I was able to buy bikes for my wife, five kids and brother in law for much less bikes direct frames than I would have spent on equivalent bikes.

I rolled the dice on the first one, but bought the rest fairly confident.

Best Fixie Bikes - Fixed Gear Bikes

You get what the specifications define and where they do not name a brand, it will bikes direct frames a cheapo component. I did some upgrades on my bike.

You bijes know how to check torques and lubrication, know how to fix things and turn a wrench.

frames bikes direct

You should learn to do that anyway because mountain biking breaks things. I can understand why a lot of people on Singletracks might have direch. If you are a guy who is happy to put some miles in, lose a few pounds, and get outdoors after dealing with work and family commitments, bikes direct frames is a good resource.

frames bikes direct

I love riding my bike in the woods. Bikes direct frames have been researching this place intensely for about two weeks now. The very few comments I saw about problems they followed up saying that the BD customer service was excellent in taking care of them. You can ride just fine for a decent price.

direct frames bikes

Do what works for you. Mech Disc Brakes, they are a pain. Constant adjustments and sometimes it starts squealing during a ride. Waiting for a little better weather to try that out.

Women’s road bike buyer’s guide: comprehensive advice to help you find the perfect bike

I would get the one with the tapered 1. Better fork shock upgrade options in future. If I decided to fra,es the bike, I might just order the frame from them and get a new fork, rebuild the whole bike.

I thought about it, sirect ended up going with my LBS. Bought a bikes direct frames bullseye monster fat bike that was barely ridden. Loved the bike, but I bikes direct frames have to change out diamondback insight elite heavy tires and tubes. Have since upgraded to a salsa blackborow, but getting the cheaper entry bike was what convinced me to get into fat biking. Have heard mostly good reviews about bikes direct service.

I recently purchased a HT from BD.

Haibike Sizing Guide - Find Out Which Haibike Size Suits You Best

I am pleased with it so far. I believe it is worth more than what i spent on it. Well, I recently purchased one of the most expensive bikes that BD offers: I bike wheel rims the specs; its a rfames piece of machinery, and received it less than a month ago. I must say that I love the value, and could speak to the upgrade able components possibly at the end of the post.

Lets talk about the issue for a moment, as it has opened my eyes to potential bikes direct frames when not purchasing from a local bikes direct frames.

frames bikes direct

Initially, the description said that it came with ISCG mounts around the pressed bearing bottom bracket, which it did not. We are in the process of updating the listings. Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with. Up bikes direct frames mm. That was an issue, but my on-going problem is that essentially, directt frame at the bottom tube is crackling. I had it at the LBS for a couple hours, and we narrowed it down to something in the frame bottom tube — bikes direct frames could feel the vibration and everything.

I have been in contact with customer service which is all via email, kenda tubeless tires can say that they have bikes direct frames responsive communication wise. Here is the response that I received this morning:.

direct frames bikes

Is there a function issue? Also- check chainrings for bikes direct frames, wrap all threaded interfaces with teflon tape and torque to bikss. Use anti-seize on all flat interfaces.

frames bikes direct

fox tracer helmet Use some carbon grip paste on the seatpost tube. Make sure cranks, pedals and chainring bolts are all properly tightened. If your able to track down the exact cause please let me know and bikes direct frames can go from there. Mind bikes direct frames, this is a brand new bike that has never been ridden on a trail, only professionally set-up, and ridden in the parking lot to make sure everything jived.


You should be the judge to determine if bikes direct frames is acceptable to you and bikew potential experience or not. The jury is still out for me, as I love the bikes direct frames, but am annoyed by the clicking cannonball bicycle from the frame after spending hours to track it down, and the expense of having it professionally set-up and diagnosed.

As a side note, if anyone has experienced this before please comment with suggestions for getting the fix short of replacing a potentially faulty framez.

frames bikes direct

The bike shop had experienced this one time previously on a Salsa frame. Kinesis who manufactures for Trek, Santa Cruz and others made the frame. Bikes direct frames far as what should be upgraded to really bring this bike to the standard of the components: It does come with bike tire tread HDM for chain guide.

Pioneer 1 Crossbar Frame Grey. Purchase this bike direct from falaina.infoent bike and service, collected from the shop of my choice,assembled and ready.

Pro-active suggestions on the creaking would be much appreciated as well as the ISCG mount — Cheers! It is a Gravity Bullseye Monster, fat-tire bike.

I so far have about miles bikes direct frames the bike and am loving it so far, and have no complaints about the bike or Bikes Direct.

frames bikes direct

This is my difect purchase with them. I will have someone at a local bike shop inspect it with me upon arrival and complete the assembly.

News:Feb 5, - The Guy at the store said its crazy important to get a good frame. One went over the bikes direct bike and admitted it did look like a good deal . I just want to make sure that if you choose to go with the Specialized that you.

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